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Name:All the Sues in Sueville
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Community description:RP Community
This is an open, sandbox/changing room RPG community to play your childhood Mary Sues. Humor, self-parody, or just plain nostalgia are all welcome here.

All Mary Sues from all canons are welcome. Characters from the canons that they were devised for are also welcome, but are here for the benefit of the Sues. They're the stars, after all. And, in case it's not obvious enough, none of this is serious business. We're just here to look back at our former follies and have a good time.

Please don't be a jerk, and don't interfere with anyone's good time.

Interests (28):

adorable pets, angst, beauty, being a rebel, being an outsider, being loved, being the best, being unconventional, dancing, fearlessness, following your dreams, following your heart, hair, music, orphanages, orphans, passion, perfect bodies, perfect breasts, rainbows, sex, sexuality, singing, studying, tragedy, tragic pasts, true love, unicorns
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